“JIOU CHUAN TANG”, a square and refine building body, exterior iron wood grating, through different spacing and line dislocation, visual sense of penetration is created, quiet and refined atmosphere are very pleasing and charming, slowly elaborate the beauty of Zen rhyme which couple the hardness with softness. Setting cycle pool view in the middle of the space on first floor, the edge separate the pool body and floor through light belt, showing a sense of floating lightness. Upper side ceiling use black grilled glass surface, embedded a lot of wooden structures cluster, creating elevation vision of “Big is beautiful”. The cluster of booths sequentially arranged around the view pool have elegant style, the rear decorating glass cast the light on the wall and booth, using scattered grill to interpret silhouette artistic. Second floor keep and continue the view pool to open the show, huge wave grill are meticulously arranged on the interior top, spectacular condensed matter fluid shape the extra-dimensional fantasy. The whole case combines characteristic materials and modern techniques to explain abstract Zen, interpret a whole new sensory experience.

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