Into the foyer on the first floor, the glitter abstract trees leaped out. To outstand the high ceiling, giant doors and geometric lines are set to extend the visitor’s line of sight. The golden lines, like branches of trees, flourish on the ceiling.
The ceiling on the first floor of the mail box area presents images of flying butterflies, which brings the dynamic image from the outside garden indoor. Yet the line of eyesight followed by the arc shaped wall and set on the sofa presents the balance between dynamic and static.
“I could remember the red round table that my family used to have a gathering dinner on New Year, with children running around and family savoring food and wine together.” This is an unforgettable memory in many Chinese’s hearts. So, the design of the second floor starts with the idea of “home.” The central space set a round bar and round-shaped mirror ceiling. “Round” symbolize gathering, fullness, and the ideal image of Chinese families. We also bring the traditional red bricks of Taiwan’s earlier kitchen into the cooking area and tranform the childlike painting into bookshelves in the kid’s zone to make the second floor satisfy the needs of yound to old.

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