The new office concept of the fischerAppelt branch in Munich, consists of two basic forms of the work environment: The Infinity Workbench (comparable to the neighborhoods of a city) and the Office Forum (comparable to the marketplace of a city). Both basic forms are flexible systems that work in themselves and promote agile work according to the individual needs of the employees; networking and interaction, but also retreat possibilities for concentrated work or relaxation. This is made possible by compacting the fixed workplaces to approx. 300 sqm. The 56-person agency refers to only about 1/3 of the total area – at the Infintity Workbench, where the agency’s employees sit together on a 55-metre-long bench. They work together in a collaborative working atmosphere. Everyone sits optically at the same table; consultants and interns, creative people and strategists as well as team leaders and managing directors in the midst of their teams. Glass walls integrate acoustically shielded small project rooms and at the ends of the bench are installed room-high 9 sqm mirrors. Thus, in addition to the already impressive length, the impression of infinity is created.

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