A gallery-like space is vividly presented, mimicking an art gallery that displays classical movies to arouse old wonderful memories.

Posters of old movies are mounted in simple and neat big frames. The frames for new movie posters are slightly different, the edges of these frames are glowing, not only bring variation to the decorations, but also clearly differentiate which movies are currently on air. The designers arranged these frames in a casual manner, expressing a more relaxing tone in the design.

The brick wall in the lobby was painted in black and white, bringing texture to the simply designed wall surface and creating a sense of nostalgia. The walls are painted with big black squares in a dynamic way, lying across walls and columns, connecting the walls and ceiling.

The theme of art gallery is presented in the auditorium. Carpets are decorated with custom-made black and white grid pattern, imitating the intriguing square patterns in the lobby. The theme also extends to the washroom. Frames take the form of black metal installations, and are suspended above the hand wash basins. Elongated lights are installed along these frames for illumination and decoration.

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