When it comes to dental clinic, it’s cold and distant, but here is far from it, and has subverted the stereotypical ideas we have. Stress-free and relaxing space is the top priority when first took over this case.
The client is a big fan of local original art pieces, so the design team has come up with this art and humanities concept and created a cozy place for the patients with appointment. Considered the self-consciousness of the people now, the team has made 4 waiting rooms with 4 different layout so that the patents and his family get to rest or have relaxing moment before the session starts. They also managed to make some depth in this space by having lighting with different height, the built-in lamp, standing lamp and table lamp. And with variety of lighting, patients get to feel something different very time they come here, totally calming and at-ease. And it’s double L flow design in this clinic, 2 inner lines are totally independent, not only is it easy to maintain but also the patience and his family get to feel less nervous when the session begins, a win win solution.

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