Table and chairs in super-size format , the conference room behind a secret door and a bright yellow black forest cabin as a canteen. The spatial concept for the agency HI-RES! is an exciting example of contemporary workspace design.
“We wanted HI-RES! to have a great advantage at the “War for Talent”. We had to develop a concept that would mainly be liked by the generation Y. We wanted it to be surprisingly new and it should have enough poetry to inspire employees .
The big-size agency table supports the family caracter of the agency. Everything is magnified by about 60%. Whoever sit’s on that table believes to be remembered of their childhood days and the good feeling of affinity that comes with it. To demonstrate the special bond of the agency to its clients, the conference room is designed as a secret back roomyou do enter through a large wardrobe. You find is an intimate meeting room with a lounge atmosphere.
The “Box” is available for a fresh load of inspiration. A monolithic furniture that appears like a black block from the outside, however the inside is the “creative power house”. Six scenographically differently designed rooms cater for creative input.

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