The new terminal (opening Spring 2014) of Heydar Aliyev International Airport is designed to expand the airport’s capacity. With arcitecture design by Arup, the terminal’s interior design is undertaken by Autoban. The main concept of the interior is based on breaking away from the typology of conventional airports that overwhelm passengers with their scale and technology. Inspired by the hospitality feature of Azerbaijani culture and the country’s recent social and economic transformations, the aim is to create a welcoming, comfortable and contemporary environment generating a sense of belonging for the user – a new passenger experience. The largest components are custom-made wooden cocoons installed at social areas to create different height perceptions and break the monotomy, and to reinvent airport’s proportions for human scale. Containing various amenities, the organic-shaped cocoons in varying sizes create a sequence of spaces within the shell of the terminal interior. Natural materials (wood and stone) highligted by indirect lighting characterize the overall interior. All furnishing and lightings are custom-made, with project-specific details developed for high volume of traffic. Check-in and passport control areas are equipped with floor-fixed furniture and other zones contain flexible units. Triangular forms on floors, walls and ceiling repeat on upholstered and other surfaces to complement the main design scheme.

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