Harbauer 2.0 (H20) is designed to bring technologies used in large water treatment plants, to small communities living with unsafe water. H20 uses proprietary German technology created to address post-war arsenic groundwater contamination in Europe. It brings this to local schools in the Indian Ganges delta where such natural contamination causes serious health hazard. The design of H20 is centered around giving this intimidating technology a human face for use in schools and ownership by local communities.

The design language of “serious play”, combines play with technology tempering it’s authoritative power, and fostering a close relationship between itself and the school. The flat rigid planes give it a robust, progressive and powerful look. But it’s reassuring bulk is balanced with playful colors and graphics making it friendly for it’s young users. Also, it was important to instill pride of ownership, to ensure the community continued it’s maintenance. This has been achieved by bringing in magnificence and quality into the design – a result of fine detailing, exquisite engineering, and careful massing of highly reflective and matt surfaces.

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