The concept of Lotte World Tower W/M Center is inspired by ‘Retro’ style. The concept represents the constant development of Hana Financial investment with the harmony among the history illustrated by ‘Retro’ and the ‘Industrial sense’. The main theme of this space is defined as ‘Platform’ in order to illustrate the visual sensibility of sustainable advancement and to represent the ‘Platform’ as the ‘Communication links’ between the society, the generations, and the regions. The visual sensibility of the ‘Platform’ symbolizes the ‘platform of life’. Platform is a place where people arrive or depart to start a new adventure or new life. The feeling of excitement and joy to start new adventures that clients experience in the platform can be displayed in the place. Platform can also be described as the communication channel between not only the client and the company, but also the networking within the society, the interactions between generations, and the bridge to connect the regions. Lotte World Tower W/M center will accomplish the purpose of contributing the safe destination where the clients meet their life partners, pursue their values and dreams throughout the journey of life.

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