The scheme is shop design of Guangzhou Textile Expo Center. Center of the hall is a fabrics display stand, ceiling extends to vertical face, and space is segregated by cloth and glass. Change of ceiling highlight orderly combination between different qualities feeling material, thus bring people entirely different visual perception. The whole space is about 6m high, higher power LED lamps are applied aiming at different cloth, style so as to produce clear color, and excellently emphasize stereoscopic quality of the displayed object, and create noticeable shop scene. The display racks with strong device feeling are able to make products assembled at random. Design of cloth display board not only make cloth suspending inside the space, but bring some dynamic atmosphere for the space.
The designers also conducted appearance design for the shop. In order to combine various different appearance elements of original architecture together, and create a brand new shop image, modeling with glass fiber reinforced plastics is selected for the outer vertical face. Spacing and orderly arc line arrangement fuses the original built canopy into integrated design skillfully.

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