The hotel is located at Kenting National Park in the southernmost part of Taiwan. The property was previously used as a retreat by Chiang Kai-Shek in the late 60's, thus no major structures were allowed to be changed. With the rich history and ecology of the property, the client hoped to achieve two purposes: heritage and sustainability.

To achieve the two purposes: heritage and sustainability, the design efforts were:
* Redefine modern Taiwanese aesthetic and present the unique culture of Taiwan.
First, the design attempts to rediscover the roots of Taiwan culture through utilizing native material. Traditional hand woven bamboo crafts were incorporated into the modern design. New line proportions and shapes transformed from traditional Taiwanese architecture elements were developed. A modern interpretation of these transformed traditional elements was the main theme in this adaptive reuse building.

* Incorporate nature and present the property in an environmental friendly manner.
To have an environmental friendly property and to reflect the local mild climate year round, all windows can be fully opened to minimize the usage of air conditioning. To take advantage of the spectacular view, an unobstructed vista from Tachien Mountain nearby to the distant South China Sea from inside of the rooms were carefully managed for all space. Harmonious integration of visually simple lines into warm earth tones deriving from the gentle quality of the ocean and mountains. The concept “coexisting with nature” is prevalent at Gloria Manor.

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