PAPYRUS, which is representative eyewear company in Korea, has had commend of marketing, which combines a great diversity of arts in their management with regard to increasing reasonable value to commodities and reputation for customers. Although Atelier Archi.Mosphere already came to perfection regarding the store design that took advantage of Multi- Functional Platform, we had to redesign the store as same concept because site was changed.

The key component to Multi-functional Platform included in important ideas ‘display device, some unit for art marketing, and making visual characters in the space’ is embodied in ‘Wall Module System’, consecutive as one line.

By means of ‘Wall Module System’ that has constantly developed distinct program in PAPYRUS Project, all of necessary elements like display device, storage or so on are systemized in the wall in space to sell products. Also, connected ‘Wall Module System’ can divide the plane space through naturally functional purpose. Each feature in space differentiates finished materials – Vintage, Luxury, and Gallery -, but unified form and Stainless rectangular frames strongly create particularly special characteristic.

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