Located within the old downtown area east of Guiyang city, Future Ark Visitor Centre was launched on 20 October 2011.

Future Ark, the real estate project which the visitor centre is based on, is set to be the central business district of the next generation, self-sustaining community and home to half a million residents in China.

With the client’s goal of “Dream Creating” in mind, the Future Ark Visitor Centre was created to emulate a space-craft which take visitors on a journey to a futuristic world. Through the integration of design and multimedia technology, the visitor centre boasts a stunning exhibition area which allows visitors to experience travel through time and space. Future Ark aims to transform Guiyang into the hub of the province’s tourism industry and a world-class destination.

The visitor centre comprises 4 sections: Time Tunnel, The Ark, Tomorrow World and Cloudscape respectively.

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