Reconstruction of Lielais Square has led to an emergence of a new city centre and a symbol that reflects Ventspils identity in a contemporary environmental design. Its terrain is an interpretation of the image of seaside dunes transforming into the developing building of Ventspils Music School and concert hall – a unique complex, elements of which complement each other – the square, the fountain and the expressive construction. The focal point of the square is the fountain “Frigate Whalefish” – a contemporary interpretation of the effigy of Duke Jacob’s ship Wallfisch built in 1644 in Ventspils. Through innovative sculpturing and use of unprecedented water jet technology the fountain imitates the ship’s superstructure, its sails, the sea and ever-changing clouds of fog. The fountain, its water pool and the LED light distribution generate the attractiveness of the 3,6 ha Lielais Square. Its multi-level terrain follows universal design principles recognised by users of all ages at any weather and all seasons. Lielais Square complex adds value to the urban environment attracting residents and tourists alike, contributing towards economic growth and recognition of image of Ventspils.

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