The commissioned design includes architecture, interior and landscape design for this brand’s exhibition building and administrative building, which are both located at the entrance of the farm. Through this area’s landmark, our clients hoped to attract people to the farm, seeing and understanding the products and production process in person, and also convey Fengfan’s spirit and culture contents to the members of the public. As design languish, we highlighted the integration of modern and tradition, using natural elements by contemporary design techniques to reflect the concept of Back to Nature. As the form of Architecture, we created a harmonious and peaceful image – at this vast stretches of green fields, a couple leaves are being blown up gently by the breeze. This gesture we think, has the most minimal human disturbance and integrates to the site delicately. The light gray concrete lowered the color disturbance to the site, and the combination of this row and bold material with the clean and simple form shows the beauty of nature.

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