Ezetap V3 is the world’s thinnest portable Point-Of-Sale device that seeks to establish a convenient, secure and ubiquitous payment ecosystem. Compliant with global standards, it can be paired with mobile phones, tablets and computers through Bluetooth or USB. Its in-built Magnetic Stripe Card Reader, EMV Chip and Contact-less Card Reader allow it to transact universally. The V3 pairs with almost any existing smart phone, thus bringing down the cost of ownership of a POS device. It presents a green initiative by enabling digital receipts. The compact proportions of Ezetap V3 make it a boon for the delivery scenario. It saves critical counter space and enables the store owner to remotely keep a tab on sales. Paying by cards and that too via mobile phones is a very new and growing phenomenon. This calls for an expert-looking product so that people trust the system against frauds. In addition to its sleek design, the foolproof and sculpted keypad gives Ezetap POS its unique character. In the absence of physical feedback (this being a capacitive touch pad), the gentle depressions help users to enter the right PIN without the fear of pressing a wrong button.

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