Designers visualize the scenes from disaster movies.
Upon entering the cinema, audiences’ eyes would meet with the various-shaped and three dimensional boxes. Black and white engulfs the perimeter, conveying a hint of futuristic and the solitary feeling appears in disaster movies. Rectangular-shaped concessions and kiosk inclined with assorted angles, camouflaging themselves in the disaster background, which triggers the association of meteors in space or debris after chaos.
Along the corridor, the vibe of disaster movies lingers. Several three dimensional white-coated metal pillars grow towards different directions, enacting the scenes after disasters, whereas buildings were being destroyed and scattered around. In the washroom, pillars elongate from the ceiling, minimizing the room space to create a sense of pressure. Several square basins look like the debris after disasters. Grey three dimensional square-shaped boxes of sound absorbing materials surround the auditorium, pointing towards altered angles.

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