A proverb said “to read a thousand books, we need to travel ten thousand miles.” Eslite bookstore was founded 26 years ago, since then it has become one of the biggest retail bookstore chain and has transform how people in Taiwan read and live. In 2015, it has opened a new boutique hotel which inspirations draws its source from local Taiwan cultures.
Interiors mainly use local materials such as red brick walls and terrazzo floors which the warmth and intimacy are the souls of this place. The hotel lounge is embraced by a enormous book wall collection that is selected by the hotel. Hotel guests can be lost in time with flickering sounds of turning pages, aromas of coffee and whispering of past wisdom. It combine with humanity arts to enrich its intellectual depth. Brick walls are designed and constructed by local maestro craftsmanship. These walls served as stage to host various Taiwanese art works. All guest rooms’ balconies extract essence of the adjacent historical context and natural environment to the interior. The abundance of cultural ambiance is the new luxurious wealth of the next hotel style!

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