Because a film is a journey and a constantly renewed experience, the Pathé Beaugrenelle cinema was imagined and redesigned by Ora Ito as a "boarding area". The viewer discovers a space designed as an airport. Counters and ticketing kiosks in Corian, waiting and rest areas enrobed in felted fabrics, as well as automatic ticket-checking machines giving access to lounge-like screening rooms. The undulating, "oak-wave" ceiling protects us, welcomes us, carresses our senses. Without realizing it, immersed in fluid forms, we become actors in a film sequence. All the elements, ticketing kiosks, lounge seats, bar counters, appear to arise from the ground, growing like plants. They are living naturally in the space and become part of a climate of relaxation and excitement. Different view planes detach themselves from each other, slip on and away, follow and overlap, as images taken from a short film. The flow of spectators is gently framed by the carving of the resin floor, the colored walls and intensity of the lighting.

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