Kingsmen endeavoured to create an inspirational moment; so as to reside in visitors’ memories whenever they recall their travels. Thus, Enchanted Garden was conceived as a space that would stimulate engagement and envelop visitors in a resounding moment of bliss.

The space’s alluring mix of materials and colours is an organic oasis in contrast with the functional architecture of Changi Airport. The build and lush forms harmonised flawlessly, embodied in a curvaceous border of graceful timbers that bend and twist, morphing from the aesthetically pleasing to the practicality of walkways and seating features.

Yet, the most distinct element is the shimmering glass mosaic bouquets created
especially for the Enchanted Garden. They are made of more than 25,000 individual glass mosaic tiles, individually pieced together by hand. Nestled in the softness of the garden’s ferns, fresh flowers cascade from colourful glass petal bouquets that reflect light as travellers enjoy the view.

Moreover, interactive elements such as blooming flowers and rainforest sounds come to life as visitors wander through and tread on sensors installed seamlessly
into the wooden flooring.

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