ECCO contacted DISSING+WEITLING towards the end of 2011 with an ambitious plan for a centre – second to none – for both ECCO’s own employees and external conference guests. In addition to the specific requirements to the facilities of the centre, viz. 50 hotel rooms, showrooms, experience and multi rooms, ECCO expressed the idea of a green innovative building that would form a natural part of ECCO’s vision of becoming the best shoe company in the world.

DISSING+WEITLING has designed a building true to these values and focusing on sustainability, globality and the tradition of craftsmanship.

The design of the building is optimised in every way, not only through the use of geothermal heating/cooling and solar energy but also the circular shape of the floor plan itself which makes for the best utilisation of the available space, short distances within the building and minimum heat loss on account of the reduced surface area. It may be classified as a PlusEnergy building in as much as it is not only self-sufficient with energy, it produces enough energy also to contribute to the consumption of the original conference centre adjacent to the new building.

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