Interior design for a store selling dairy products and belonging to a company which runs its own dairy farm. Since It is important fact that fresh milk produced at the dairy farm is used in each and all of their products,we were tasked with providing a space to attractively display said products by evoking the imagery associated with milk and the farm throughout the entire space.Another important merit of these products is the aura that seems to emanate from the key ingredient, milk, which is why a pervasive milky light radiates from the luminous body made from layered resin boards(material,roof of cowsheds) placed at the center of the space.a color gradation suggestive of green forests.The milky layered luminous body reveals intricate expressions of light depending on where one is standing and looking to.An ever-changing shower of light follows the viewer, enabling a pleasant stroll through the interior of the shop. Floating dynamic modeled milky aluminum objects appear to intertwine with the luminous body as they reflect and amplify the milky light and colors from the walls.The shape of store fixtures molded using milky organic curves expresses the freshness and vitality of milk

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