-Forest of Light and Lattice-
A restaurant built on a farm surrounded by a lush forest(renovate an old wooden building).
The menu is characterized by the fact that dairy products made from fresh milk produced on-site at the dairy farm.
The three-dimensional white lattice nesting above the beams of the existing wooden structure forms the canopy of a forest that brings together the old and the contemporary by suggesting the superimposition of time and space.
Furthermore, this layered structure will be perceived differently depending on the diners’ relative position and line of sight at any given time. Moreover, the light reflected off and penetrating the resin boards all come together to produce intricate and constantly evolving expressions.
The shape of pendant lighting appear to depict drops of milk dripping from the canopy .
A special paint echoing the texture of plain soil found on the farm to the walls of the restaurant and matching these with the natural warmth of timber.
By superimposing time and space and bridging the old and the new, the repeated entwinement of lattice and light offers a mystic illumination and the spatial experience of penetrating into a deep forest.

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