The Dobongsan Car Park was initially planned by the Municipal Government of Seoul, as the part of a new traffic system at the boundary of the two metropolitan cities Seoul and Uijeongbu. Also, the client, Seoul Metropolitan Infrastructure Headquarters, wished to include public amenities such as a café and a lounge. This programmatic directive allowed the typical parking building to be re-imagined.

In this project, reinventing the parking structure began by rethinking the performance of the building envelope. Taking into account one of the primary problems with a typical parking structure–the dominance imposed by a large volume–the Dobongsan Car Park proposes a building envelope with a series of separated bands. Also, the main concept of the project, a parking structure as public space, is realized on the rooftop. Here the bands of the facade are manipulated to form an artificial landscape that creates a public garden and plaza.

In this way, the project successfully showcases a new type of a parking structure. It proves that a parking building can be more than a storage container for vehicles, it can also be a place for community and new encounters.

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