David Ho’s design concept is to create a “light weight feeling – Transformable, Transportable, Translucent” and to design/treat each functional room/wall as an individual element/product, then insert these elements into this “heavy feeling” historical brick building. All modifications and fittings are recyclable and easy to reinstate to another location. A giant bubble-like pumpkin is actually a meeting pod comprises PVC skin and a steel frame. The wide door panel can come off its hinge mechanism altogether, opening the interior to the rest of the office. Cinderella’s coach inspired the pod’s shape but also a set of wheels – it is literally ready to roll to anywhere in the building. The frame can be partially disassembled if the pod needs to be taken farther afield. Transformation is an active concept in the structure itself, which is meant to encourage collaboration, and communication. Translucent Polycarbonate (PC) panels are used to build two other meeting rooms. Main entrance and interior partition wall are installed by panel units which are composed by steel frame, metal mash, and salvaged wood. All these installations would be easy to relocate should the need arise.

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