The Data Center GAK stores the extensive amount of data exchanged in Naver, Korea’s largest portal and a pioneer in Korea’s internet history. The name ‘GAK’ originated from “Jangkyung Gak”, a historic Korean institution that stored the nation’s important information.
The Data Center GAK has over 100 signage systems that visualize the durability of the information storage system and the enormous quantity of information. The motif of the signage were inspired by the scientific characteristics of “Jangkyung Gak”, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage the datacenter was modeled after, which has unique wooden window panes and internal structures that preserved important documents for over 700 years using natural light and ventilation alone.
Four keywords, ‘delicacy / stability / size / system’, were selected and visualized to express GAK’s information storage system’s durability and massive amount of data. Each material’s unique texture is combined with deep color tones and symbolic elements, such as vertical wooden panes, which have been remodeled to have a more modern look.

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