CrossRoad│ The Turning Point
This is a space to honor the end of a journey. Using a systematic yet versatile space design, this project integrates traditional retail vendors into the first multi-function funeral service hall in Taiwan.
Many of us believe that the end of life is simply the arrival at a crossroad, an intersection to another realm. In Asian cultures, families often craft origami to accompany the departed into this realm of unknown . This delicate, precise, and exacting art of paper folding is symbolic of both yearning and blessing for their loved ones, and prayer that they will traverse this intersection into beautiful, carefree eternal bliss.
『CrossRoad: The Turning Point』is a reception hall inspired by a this profound life philosophy. When this project was conceived, I received a postcard sent from my student in Japan. As I played with the postcard, bending, folding, creasing, I realized I was creating a space. The light casted shadows within this space, creating borders, flections, and intersections, much like the bends and turns of life. I made the final fold to represent the ending of a life's journey, only to see that what appeared to the end of one side of the paper is actually the beginning of the other side. Death in this world simply means birth in another. Through the simple act of paper-folding, we learn that the our loved ones leave their mortal bodies only to embark on a new journey.

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