The MINI Experience Centre is a 17m high “walkable sculpture” consisting of a steel frame to that 3 boxes are attached, carrying the different floor functions with individual themes: “Be MINI. A MINI WELCOME” on ground floor, which is open and articulates the entrance. “THE WORLD OF MINI “ on 2nd floor, which accommodates the showroom with 2 cars. “MINIFY YOUR LIFE” on 3rd floor, containing a lifestyle space. “MINI UNITED LOUNGE” on 4th floor, offering a bar and seating lounge for get togethers.
Every box is shifted in a different direction in order to differentiate the floors from each other and create uniqueness for each floor. The different floors are accessed via an outdoor staircase that exhibits additional MINI analog communication between each storey.
The created verticality generates not only an attention that is far greater than it could have been archived with a normal single floor building. But it also creates density inside and challenges the expectation a visitor might have for a space. Somewhere between a sculpture and a “mini MINI tower” the building plays with the scale and becomes through that an ionic incarnation of major values of the MINI brand: NOT NORMAL.

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