“Arcadia” is a utopia in Greek Mycology. We have deformed the image of Arcadia for the design of this space to be a utopia for the customers. Once you enter the club, the shooting star-like ornaments sticking out from the ceiling and the wall will surprise you. Those ornaments look like a bunch of shooting stars falling into the space, and that makes this space apart from the world outside and the customers can fully enjoy the time in “ARCADIA.”
The challenges we had faced to design ARCADIA is how to make the best use of the relatively small space for the gorgeous club the client wanted. We deeply considered how to create the magical atmosphere in a unique way different from other decorative and glittered clubs.
By keeping the design simple and calm, the ornaments became a unique focal of the space. The interesting shape and shadows create the magical atmosphere apart from reality. The mirror walls on 2 sides make the space feels more expanded and as the result, it also multiplies the shooting stars infinitely.

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