Amongst the rich urban camphor trees, an idea of using the outspreaded transparent shopfront windows and the wide use of mirrors to reflect and absorb the natural light and greenery, allowing the space to integrate itself within the city.
The space uses vertical facade elements to pull up the ceiling height extending its visual effect, echoing the widespreaded vegetation outside in order to define the persona of the
interior. Carved out facades works as the division and layering of the spaces, creating a delightful experience of a transparent interior and enriches the perceptions of the green avenue.

The focal wall of the interior uses irrational mirror pieces, reflecting different angles of the space, adding up the amusement of the material itself and coordinates the green avenue within. Introducing different parts of the camphor trees reflections inside the interior, allowing the space to accommodate within the urban green land.

Vertical wall panels resembles the diamond cuttings from its patterned allignments, a metaphor that implies the details and qualities of the space. This double height space uses dark toned fundamentals
combining with the widespread windows and re

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