The overall space is based on timber, the most original vitality of woodiness is maintained and lines of the used solid wood are clear and visible. They are like sediment of history, but also manifest of natural temperament. Beam structure is adopted on position of ceiling, wall etc., or original ecology timber splicing method is applied which is natural without gingerbread, thus feeling of quantity and tension of lines and faces are released.
The wall in hall which exposed to the sun is adopted with glass curtain wall which will let sunshine shining in directly without obstruction. Out of the window, mountains are there layer upon layer which makes it be the optimum location where close to nature.
In the reception room, woody screen is set, and then the penetrable sunshine will has shape and temperature. Dendritic table lamp and pendant lamps which are made up by antlers orderly, elk are drinking water at creek, and matching with leather chair, the nature itself is a kind of artistic presentation which will shake people’s heart. The designers emphasize on environmental protection in the scheme, praising highly on integration of architecture and nature.

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