In 2013, the Portuguese National Forest Bussaco was struck by a storm with nefarious effects on natural and built heritage. Innumerous centenary trees fell, broke and uprooted.

Bussaco’s Forest Foundation challenged Larus to develop a furniture line to reuse the damaged species, in order to perpetuate their life cycle.

The result is a family with simple and minimal lines which underline its rurality. As solid wood is used natural without any varnish, the time passage effect emphasizes its identity, without diminishing its elegance and durability.
The combination with metal adds a classy touch to this rustic line, increasing its physical consistency and minimizing the need of future maintenance.

The acquisition of elements from this line contributes to the reforestation and preservation of the Bussaco National Forest, a forest with high level of conservation and the only in Portugal with PEFC certification stamp.

This initiative was very well received by the media and general public.
The principle of sustainability granted by reusing wood from trees damaged by natural phenomena will be applied to future products. The name will be chosen as a symbolic tribute to its wood origin.

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