Strategic background

BMW is developing new formats in order to better meet customer needs and attract new target groups at the same time. The Brand Store in Brussels is one of these new formats, which are increasingly also found in the vicinity of premium brands in inner city locations.

The task of the Brand Store is to bring the brand to life and to inspire people with fascinating innovative themes and product presentations.

Architectural language

The development of the existing architectural language of the BMW brand was continued for the BMW Brand Store: layered structures on ceilings and walls create dynamism, structure the room and enhance the ideal experience chain.

Zones are defined within the room using walls or consolidated layers. In this way, the various themes and brands are given their own contact spaces and each form unique experiential islands.

The layers also have additional functions. They can highlight priority themes and serve as information, material or exhibit layers. They can also be used for communication or product placement in interactive, medial and non-medial ways.

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