Li-Ren, Chang, the designer, respects the nature with humble and modest attitude and has transformed this ” people in the city crave to live next to the greenery” concept into something real by leaving almost half of the construction place to the greenery. This is once again a perfect example that a designer comes up with a design that connects and inspires the people with the nature, also a place people in the city can go and totally relax themselves.
The building is right in the middle of a green area. The floor to ceiling windows is the only thing between the outside and in, and the natural texture of it totally blends in and seems to say, “Hey, I am a part of the greenery.” To avoid the sun exposure, the designer made a folding wall in the entryway, and 2 big floor to ceiling windows are facing the north and south, so people inside get to appreciate the view and greenery from outside. Being closed to the nature is never this easy.

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