In light of the devastation, recrimination, and subsequent diminution of a culture, it is essential to at least begin rebuilding the connection between resources and enterprise. In so doing, we at least contribute to the reestablishment of a societal bridge from, a subculture to a, hopefully, teaming populous-people energized and on fire for their culture. My proposal is to preserve and support the artistry and skill of Haitian artisans, through a mixed-use complex that incorporates 3 points of interaction. This interaction will be a catalyst for building community, within a community of artisans and patrons alike. The complex will provide Haitian artist a sense of “PLACE” to CREATE, EDUCATE and TRADE. Located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, the complex here-after, known as ARTiFACT will create the following: income opportunities, immediate jobs for local artisans, education for the other persons interested in design and craft, and lend economic support to the community.

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