For the exhibition in the DRIVE Volkswagen Group Forum Berlin, we
developed an architecture that expands the potential of communication
among visitors and furthers interaction with the art works. This is
achieved with special exhibition furnishings, which do not stand alone,
but only together with other elements. Six elements form a honeycomb –
the main symbol of the exhibition. As one of the most stable forms in
nature, it stands metaphorically for a vision of the future, in which
humans, machines, algorithms, animals, plants and the environment are
equally strong poles. The bench and table elements combine information
and presentation surfaces and offer a variety of arrangement variations,
which form or delimit spaces for encounters. Structurally identical, the
elements are made of solid wood with a neon finish, thus highlighting
the dichotomy between artificial production and natural growth. The
hexagonal tunnel in the entrance area decelerates the stream of
visitors, introducing the themes of the exhibition as an information
channel. How can we create a future, in which the
technology of the 21st century helps rather than harms humans and the

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