The Glamping ‘Stacking Doughnuts’ and ‘Modular Floor’ are juxtaposed with a minimum change of nature.
The concept of SD was inspired from pebble stones. The arrangement of units have poetic emotion of finding them in the nature.
MF came from structural flooring system. It is designed for extendable length by juxtaposing modular floors.
The shape and the position of structures were considered to give aesthetic emergence both during day and at night.
For implication of the constructability, one floor module was developed. The size and shape of the floor module was defined according to user comforts, spacious requirement, functionality and aesthetic perspective.
The concept extends further possibility to evolve into various sizes and shapes for multi-functional programs such as exhibition hall, pavilion, etc.
There is toilet/shower booth with art wall painted by young Korean artist.

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