Amorphy is a super slim fiberglass reinforced concrete chaise longue. The organic shape gives a natural self supporting semi-monocoque structure to the lounge chair. The goal was to create an extremely stabile luxurious outdoor chaise longue with an extremely light appearance, in contrast to the expected visual heaviness of concrete from earlier times. The concrete itself is created with high quality natural materials such as white cement, thin glass fibers and very pure fine sand. The special manufacturing process allows a smooth fine pore surface like matt ceramics. Amorphy is a manufactured piece of outdoor furniture which needs a very delicate procedure for production. After the concrete has been removed from the mold, the process requires 2 to 4 weeks for the concrete to completely set. The combination of fine fibers and natural materials enable an extremely thin wall of only 20 to 24 mm material thickness. The surface is sealed with a wax cover. Amorphy is a completely sustainable recyclable design system.

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