Location: Shihua Rd., Zhihui WestNine Bldg., Zhuhai City, China
In design, there are a number of the columns of different pebbly shaped, like from the ancient times, which seem to be engraved with time and time, as well as the imagination of the future.
The first floor of the building is an opened, connected hall. Giant boulders penetration, around here, squeeze space narrowing, and divided into local part, thereby series is surrounded by linear space, people across the gap flows, and sometimes is like concealed, the airflow can feel after pressing, and rich and change of space. In this way, it also makes up for the empty space, the air dispersion, and not the specific difficulties.
The ground used irregular gravel collage, originate from Chinese silk weave, appear soft, delicate, be contrast with the large area, the smooth cylinder. The surface of each pebble has dozens of images of different constellations of steel spikes that be more richness of the details. Between the pebbles, there is a bathroom area looks like a black triangle box, added some mysterious feeling. Consciously add mathematical, geometric analog signals.

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