‘All with ssam’ is a saladbar restaurant which reinterprets the Korean soul food “Ssam”. Ssam is meat, rice, and Korean spicy sauce wrapped in a leafy vegetable. The fresh vegetables and farming motif in the midst of hyper-modern Korean culture is what sets our design apart.
It’s ssam just like mother used to make!

We came up with a “Farmer’s market” aesthetic, which encompasses the ideas of fresh ingredients, healthy, good-tasting food, and a warm atmosphere.

An overarching green-house frame separates the seating area and salad bar, while maintaining visual flow between the two. We positioned the plywood shelves sporadically, and utilized plants and wooden furnishings to complete the earnest, rural feeling.

One aspect that sets our design apart is the use of wooden furnishings for the salad bar. Usually with this kind of design you run the risk of dropped food and liquids soaking into the wood, but we overcame this by utilizing a custom coated plywood finish.

Long tables encourage communal dining, while bulbs that hang from authentic wooden beams overhead combine the rustic with the comfortably urban and complete the warm atmosphere of “All with Ssam”.

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