“ALBROAD 23AP” is a lobby chair designed for public spaces such as at airports and transit stations. It employs an integrally stiffened skin formed at the seat and back to ensure the durability and easy maintenance needed for use in public spaces yet also provides a comfortable seated feeling and stylish design. Design uses a minimum number of seat parts that are both simple and easy to remove. Utilizing an integral skin form ensures a fine look with no surface damage and a long product service life. A custom spring insert design is used to ensure adequate cushioning. Gap dimensions are set to prevent children and elderly from getting fingers stuck in narrow places. Seat sections have a narrow gap between them to allow people to lie down horizontally in emergencies and the wider gap set between seat backs gives a sense of distance to maintain a feeling of privacy. A full line of color variations, tables, and power sockets are available as options to make the lobby chair harmonize with the space where it is placed.

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