Surrounded by old buildings and dusty environment
The reception center is standing upright and brightly in the middle
The solid wood floor folds into vertical position
Cut obliquely to form the architecture’s facade
The white acrylic square light boxes
Of various sizes are placed inside
They seem to be frozen musical notes during the daytime
Cicada’s songs at night
Like dancing water lily
Shining lowly
Reflecting the lights
Resting on the water


The path leading to the entrance, with neat design, is surrounded by a pond
Introducing the green outdoor indoor
Allowing the block elements outdoor stretching indoor
The ceiling of the lobby is decorated with hanging lightweight boards horizontally and vertically
Continuing the natural sound outdoor that is
Warming up and singing here
The dancing musical notes permeate the space
Long, narrow, and chiseled through space
On the unevenly cut doors
Long and thin chiseled through pieces are pasted
To demarcate the inside and outside, with open and concealing spaces co-existing
The active space is versatile
Humming lowly in front of the entrance
Leaps over the wall lightly with
The trembles that glide through swiftly
Heaven and earth,

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