4DX with ScreenX, launched in Seoul Korea, allows moviegoers to go beyond the frame of the screen by utilizing a proprietary system that expands images of movies to create a panoramic, 270-degree format that projects onto three walls in a theater and incorporates motion-based seating synchronized with various 4D effects maximizing the feeling of immersion within the movie. It is the first in the industry to be converged between different cinema system formats of 4DX that utilizes all five senses through motion chair and various 4D effects with ScreenX’s multi-projection system which goes beyond paradigm by shifting from watching a movie to diving it. A wide variety of colored and evenly-spaced ceiling lightning are used to create a futuristic, high-tech ambience that gives the theater a sharp, edgy feel. The ceiling lights are flickered on and off from back to front and changing depending on the season or movie genre. The prime zone fence and stairways are angled downward to create an aesthetically-pleasing slanting angle and the fence’s LED lights are utilized to highlight the outline with the colors set to match the ceiling lighting to give the theater a crisp, uniform look.

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