Noise barriers S6/S36, Austria

The design is the wall itself.

It is not a carrier of “decoration” but generates the effect from its own shape.

It speaks its own language.

The basic goal of the design is to avoid monotony which causes lack of concentration and fatigue when driving. Slightly changing the appearance of the noise barrier shall keep up the attention of drivers.

Steel columns kinked at different heights constitute the basic system.
Noise control panels coming in 3 different shapes – square, triangle and parallelogram – fill out the spaces.

This “folding” of the kinked columns creates a third dimension in combination with the two-dimensional noise control panels.

The “special-forms” triangle and parallelogram are necessary to create the transition from one kink to the other. When using the same type in a row, only rectangles are needed. That results in costs similar to a common noise-barrier, because the amount of “special-forms” is only about 2%.

Combining space-forming and surface-filling elements allow 2FOLD to respond to all occurring situations (tunnel entrances, bridges, exits and on-ramps, etc.), thus creating a consistent identity and design.

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