My design philosophy is based on nature.We hope to use natural materials.To create nature spaces and to bring the best light. Tactile Impression, Visual Interaction. I feel they are the most important spirit in this space. This is one of the best areas in Taipei City. It is located in the heart of Xinyi Special District. The window view shows Taipei’s landmark, Taipei 101, which we can see directly in our eyes. How the indoor space could echo the city view with a unique atmosphere is what we are working on. We hope to create a contrast, making the noisy environment in the city. A place to calm our mind through our design and a house with unique characteristics and views as well. It aims to create a character for the house. Different from the urban residence in general, It will a space combining fashion, recreation, and Zen. Upon entering the foyer, you will see casual, fair-faced concrete-surfaced walls. By using the fair-faced concrete, a material that is more low-key, we hope that people’s mood can be in slow transit and reflect the mode of the space. Adding a piece of wood furniture can upgrade the space’s warm atmosphere.

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