Eco-friendly is another design concept in Huang’s house. The Italian sofa comes from the previous house, used but still has good quality. Not only did it not depreciate after all these year but becomes more sophisticated, totally full of personality. To go with the client’s routine habit, the diner room and the kitchen are linked. Taking advantage of the flow makes the working area, storage area and dining room have its own private space. The Huangs values family the most and is willing spend time with each other as much as possible. It’s every parent’s expectation to be involved with the kid’s life on daily basis. And because of that, we manages to do some changes in here, like the bookcase in the living room was very close to the bar in the kitchen, we put a transparent folding door in between, so the parents can get to watch the kids all the time and the smell from the kitchen stays in the kitchen, completely a win win solution. The bathroom is big and all about brightness and simplicity, has walk-in shower and bathtub, and each one has its own space, independent and cozy.

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