Located in Sheshan (Songjiang District, Shanghai), this high-end residence
combine the nature of the environment with the contemporary urban life in order
to explore and reach a quiet and pleasant atmosphere to remain to enjoy inner
The challenge to richness within simplicity in an urban modern approach, Eva Pan tried to create a tactile space looking for the true meaning of quality of life: simplicity and comfort. A peaceful harbour for the Soul.
Through the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, the interior design idea tactfully brings reflected and scattered light from a sparkling swimming pool into the social area, supported by an Alexander Calder mobile produces a more reverberated light reflection in the space. A delicate and delightful order of elements in the space.
The elegant light grey tone is embellished with bright golden colour. It seems simple and is, in fact, a type of simplicity which blends smooth elegance, an easy and free attitude and a romantic spirit of abundance and modernism. The relationship with the landscape through a semi-outdoor space such as the terrace and also the swimming pool.

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