A beautiful view is a great bonus for any home; however, in this case, a breathtaking mountain view was compromised by a divided four-bedroom floor plan. In addition, the hallway was too narrow, being 76 com wide. The new configuration showcases the curved mountain scene and provides an open feeling in the main living space. Eliminating one room behind the living room and demolishing the original kitchen created an open reading area which connects to the main living space. This allowed the user of large windows which showcased the full outdoor green view. Floor to ceiling glass doors are used in the reading area instead of traditional French double doors. These doors can be folded to one side, allowing the door area to be open space and breaking the barrier between the indoor and outdoor. Using naturally textured volcanic rock slabs and different shades of wood grains, embellished with iron pieces and black stone materials, creates a natural and coherent atmosphere in the main living space. In result, transforming the view also allows an open floor plan in the main living area and improves the function of each space dramatically.

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