Design Concept
The owner, a female teacher who loves to travel abroad, enjoys the laid-back and romantic atmosphere of foreign countries, as well as the elegant style of the U.S. Therefore, we adopted soft lines and relaxing pale-colored earth tones in this residential structure to create depth of different layers. We want everyone returning home to feel relaxed and comfortable without losing the leisurely warm essence of the countryside. The open layout naturally increases the opportunities for family gatherings and allows for more intimate experiences.

Glass block/Imported decorative tiles/Imported handmade pseudo-classic coating/Iron pieces/Natural wire brush Sen veneer/Dyed white veneer/ Cultured stone/ NORMAN wood shutters

The design of this residence focuses on a casual and carefree style. The American-style open concept creates an overall sense of permeability and broadness. The large painted trim with the classic country spirit and the rugged exposed concrete coating are combined and applied as if an elegant beauty met a rude beast, sparking a special chemical response. Such contrast imbues the residence with a charm that is different from

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