For this case, the team had to design a new home suitable for newlyweds to spend the rest of their lives together. The design team used a room full of white to symbolize a blank canvas waiting for the couple to fill with a wonderful life together, completing an exclusive masterpiece with colors of their own.

At the living room, beams of light shine through the window; the house sits north facing south, making the sunrise and sunset a feast for the viewer’s eyes. The retention and penetration of light were challenging issues the design team had to face.

The design team covered the central beam in the living room, whereas the wavy ceiling kept the advantages of a high ceiling. Then, the bare beams were modified to allow the rays unhindered access to the inside of the house. Every corner of the main space is filled with the warmth of the sun. The light does not end there. The team added a transparent glass between the private space and public area, allowing the flow of light to enter the walk-in closet and bedroom; thus continuing the atmosphere and creating a sense of clearness in the bedroom.

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